About us

It was from the professional experience of the brothers Mauricio and Gilberto Brazolin that the electric violins Aurora appeared. These areinstruments produced in an artisanal way, differentiated by thedesign and raw material used. The beginning was in the middle of the 80’s, with the construction of their own guitars and, consequently, the opening of a violin maker workshop to meet the demand of repair and adjustments services, besides the custom manufacture of guitars and contrabasses.


In 1997, when Mauricio was participating in a country band playingviolin, the first tests were made to develop what is now the line ofelectric violins Aurora. In 2009, after many researches and testing, the company introduced an exclusive line of instruments using acrylic. The product line currently has several models of electric violin.


All the electronic parts of the instruments, such as preamplificationcircuits and capture systems, are also developed and produced by the company. During the creation of a model, everything is planned: ergonomics; aesthetics, frequency limitation for a more precise timbre, and other technical details that really make the difference in the manufacture of the instruments, providing a professional performance.