Aurora Wood Electric Violin

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The Aurora WS series has the same type of arm used in the Classic and Silhouette models, however, it is fixed directly on a body of solid wood excavated, a flat, one-piece shape that provides a variety of finishes, in flamed, bird eyes and other options in woods and colors.

The quality in the construction is dominated by the handmade confection and the use of noble woods duly certified.


The model, in addition to the dual capture and common Blend control to Aurora violins, has an active pre-amplification circuit developed and produced in the company itself, bringing even more exclusivity and giving the musician a powerful, warm and clean sound, with the desired nuances of timbre and surrounding harmonics.

An acrylic back cover completes the contour, forming a proper “flap” to the spine fitting.

Body Base Marupá / Neck Maple or Mahogany / Fingerboard Pau ferro or Ebony / Pegs Ebony / Chin rests Acrylic / Tailpieces Acrylic - 2 piezzo transducer integrated in acrylic bridge / Blend controls and Volume out control. Active pré (9v battery) Phone Out. 


Ps: Colors Blue, Yellow Gold, and all 5-strings ran out of sale. Available for their regular price.